FSG Realism Documentation

Thank you for choosing FSG Realism as your home for Farming Simulator multiplayer gaming!


To aid players in the process of choosing a server to play on or to view the status of their server we have the servers page available.

The following information is provided for each server on our Servers page:

  • Server Bar
    • Name - Name of the server on the website.
    • Month - In game month.
    • Time - In game time of day.
    • Server Location - Flag represents which country the server is hosted in.
    • Status - Circle icon - Green = Online - Red = Offline
    • Players Online - How many players are currently online.
    • Farms Capacity - How many farms are taken and available.
    • Server Sponsor - Member that currently sponsors the server.
    • Powered by Fragnet - Our servers are hosted by Fragnet.
  • Server Details
    • Server Name - Name of the server as listed in game.
    • Map - Name of the MAP that is active on server.
    • In Game Time - Time of day in game.
    • In Game Month - Month in game.
    • Active DLCs - List of enabled DLCs for server if any.
    • Farms - List of all farm names with color and discord user that owns the farm.
    • Players Online - List of players that are currently playing on the server.
    • Equipment - Map PDA image that displays current location of equipment and players on the server.
    • Farmland Ownership - MAP PDA image that displays purchased land highlighted with the farm color that owns it.
Interested in sponsoring one of our servers? Click here for more information.

We have an advanced bot system that communicates with our servers to provide players with detailed information and stats.

There are some limitations to how often we can get updates from servers as most of the stats are based on the last game save. Here are some things to consider while reviewing server information and stats on our website:

  • We have our servers set to save every 15 minutes to reduce risk of lost time on servers due to a server crash.
  • Our bot downloads the latest savegame from each server every 30 minutes. Data in savegame includes weather, farm stats, equipment stats, etc.
  • We have our servers set to update the web api every 60 seconds. This data is limited to players online and equipment locations.
  • Our bot checks the servers API for changes in players and equipment locations every 60 seconds. This is where it gets the info for when players join and leave the server.
  • The FSG Companion and our BOT communicate every 5 seconds when when the server link is up.
    • This link includes Game Chat and Discord Chat messages, Money Transfers, Vehicle Transfers, etc.
    • If the link is down, when it comes back online pending transactions will be caught up.
    • While the link us up, transactions may be completed within 10 seconds in most cases.
We work hard to make everything as fool proof as possible, however there are times where things do not work as they should. If this happens please post your issue in our #realismIssues channel with our discord server and tag @RealismIssues so that we can investigate and repair as quickly as possible.