FSG Realism Documentation

Thank you for choosing FSG Realism as your home for Farming Simulator multiplayer gaming!

Downloading and Installing Mods

We run a large number of custom mods on our servers that aid in creating a realistic style of game play. The process for downloading and installing our mods to your computer are as follows:

  • 1. Go to our Realism Downloads Website and Login with Discord.
  • 2. Select FSG Realism Mods then select Download All Mods. This will start the download.
  • 3. Go back to the home page and Select FSG Realism Maps. You can download all maps or just the one you are going to play on.
  • 4. Open the zip file you downloaded that contains all the mods for the servers, and copy the zip files in it to your "Documents > My Games > Farming Simulator 2022 > Mods" folder.
  • 5. If you downloaded all map, then do same with them. If individual maps then just move the map zip file over to your mods folder.
  • 6. Load the game and try to join the servers. If you did this correctly you will be able to join with no issues.
Do not download or update mods via in game ModHub (Downloadable Content) or you will not be able to join our servers. We have a few altered mods, or may not have upgraded to latest version yet.
If you run into any issues during the mod download or install process, please reach out to us for help on discord. There is almost always someone around that can help.

Mod Standards and Requirements

In an effort to provide our player with a realistic, fair, and even game play we take the following into consideration during the mod approval process for the realism servers:

  • No unrealistic mods. For example if we can not find a real life match, then we dismiss the mod from being considered.
  • No over powered mods. Mods that have settings that are over powered are dismissed from being considered.
  • No harmful mods. We do not allow mods that are known to cause harm to files or game play.
  • All most must be approved by Executive Staff before they are considered.
  • Extensive testing. We work to test each mod that passes voting, but unfortunately we can not test everything. Please be sure to report any issues you experience with any mods we have on our servers.