FSG Rules

In an effort to keep our servers friendly and fun we require all of our members to follow our rules. Please take a moment to review them.

FSG Discord Rules

Please take a moment to join our discord and read our rules in our rules channel. FSG Discord Rules

FSG Realism Rules and Regulations

The following rules and regulations are designed for the FSG Realism servers. These are intended to create a fair and fun game play environment along with some minor challenges to add to the overall game play.

Members that are unable to abide by the rules and regulations may be subject to removal from the FSG Realism servers. We want our servers to be fair and fun. Players that cheat or try to find workarounds for any of the rules and regulations are subject to ban from Farm Sim Game Discord and its server set including FSG Realism servers.

All members are expected to have read and understand the Farm Sim Game discord Rules. These rules apply FSG Realism including in game. We are here to have fun.
Have Fun
Our servers are meant to be fun and not a chore.
Application Only
All FSG Realism servers are application only. All players must go through an application process and be accepted to join any FSG Realism server. To apply login to the website and a link will appear at the top of the page to Start your Application. Applicants are expected to have read and understand the FSG Rules and Regulations prior to applying for access to the FSG Realism servers. The application process will contain questions based on these rules and regulations that if not answered correctly will cause your application to be rejected. Applicants that are not accepted will be required to wait for 30 days before eligible to apply again. This requirement is in place to ensure only serious players are joining FSG Realism.
Farm Managers
Farm Managers are limited to one farm in one server across all FSG Realism servers. New farm managers will be given a list of servers to choose from. They will be able to pick that server and join it as a farm manager and start buying land. Farm Managers are expected to work with existing farm managers as they choose land to buy to ensure they are buying land in a friendly manner. Farm Managers are allowed to have farm hands, or other farm managers assist them. Payment for help is not required, but is encouraged. Money can be sent to other players via the website banking system.
Farm Hands
Farm Hands are not limited to a set farm or server, but are required to have permission from Farm Managers before conducting any activities on farms. Farm hands are welcome to require payment agreement before conducting work, but if an agreement is not set beforehand Farm Managers are not required to pay for completed work.
Some of the FSG Realism servers require DLCs to play. Not all of the servers run the same DLCs. Be sure to check the server for required DLCs.
All FSG Realism servers run the same mod sets. Outside of DLCs and Maps, you can swap between servers without having to change your mod pack. If you would like to suggest a mod, please use the mod suggestions chat for the realism servers in our discord server. Unrealistic mods will not be accepted into the servers. Please only suggest mods that are realistically priced with realistic capacities and settings. If a mod passes suggestions it will be put in a mod voting channel for all realism members to vote on. Mods must have at least 75% of the members vote yes to be considered for further testing. Mods that pass will be placed on a test server to ensure no issues arise. Once passed they will be added to a mod update pack then put live on the servers. Mod updates are done once a month during winter in the game. Emergency updates may occur if there is a mod that is causing game breaking issues.
Sleeping In-Game
Sleeping in-game is not allowed. The Real Time Sync mod disables the ability for players to sleep.
Servers Date and Times
FSG Realism servers are synced to one month per day in real life, and the time of day is offset UTC -11. All FSG Realism servers are synced to the same day and time in-game.
FSG Realism servers are all running one day seasons. One day in real life is equivalent to one month in-game.
Bales and Pallets
Bales and pallets to be stored in appropriate storage structures prior to exiting the server. This is required to aid in server stability. Setting productions to “storing” or “distributing” will also aid with server stability. Players must utilize object storage buildings to store loose bales and pallets. Our servers have the in game object storage and the object storage mod on them to give plenty of options for bale and pallet storage.
Farms that have Logging operations must keep trees and tree stumps clean and tidy. There should be no more than 20 trees cut down, on the ground, or on the move at any given time. Any tree scraps are to be cleaned up with a chipper, or taken to be sold at a wood sell point. Each tree object cut is an added object that the server has to communicate cordance to all players. Please do your best to abide by this rule to aid in server stability.
Field Flipping
Field flipping is prohibited. Farm Managers must keep purchased fields for a minimum of one in-game year.
Road Laws
Players must drive only on roads. Crop destruction can affect any farmlands that you have contractor access on. Be a good neighbor and do not drive through fields that you do not own.
FSG Co-Op Equipment
FSG Co-Op equipment can only be used for the following tasks: FSG Co-Op equipment must be returned to the original locations and can not be used on player farms.
Hired AI Workers
Farms are only allowed to hire no more than two AI hired workers at any given time.

All hired AI workers must be dismissed prior to exiting the server. There is a server limit to workers, so please be sure to dismiss workers before you exit the server to ensure other players can have access to hire their own.
Player Inactivity
Farm Managers that are inactive from servers for greater than two in-game years or 24 real life days, may be subject to foreclosures of all assets. The player will receive notification prior to foreclosure. If a player is unable to join the server, or unresponsive, everything owned by that farm will be sold. Any pending loans or debts will be paid off in full with the money received to farm from the liquidation. There will be a 25% charge for the foreclosure and liquidation process, and the remaining funds to be transferred to the farm manager's online bank account.
Productions that are not on land owned by the player must not be purchased by any farm manager. This is to ensure that these sites remain open as sell points for all Farmers to sell their goods at. Players that purchase these public production points will have ownership removed, and will not recoup the cost of purchase or any of the product stored within. Farm Managers are allowed to build or place their own productions on farmland that they own.
Realistic Game Settings
FSG Realism servers have the following settings enabled:
FSG Realism servers utilize the Enhanced Loan System mod. The bank requires collateral, so the maximum loan amount is calculated from the current sales value of your vehicles, fields (60%), cash and your already current loans.
In-Game Contracts
Players can only have two in-game contracts active at any given time. We want to ensure other players have access to contracts. We have added the Harvest Contract Fix mod to ensure players are able to get credit for completing harvest contracts on 4x maps.
Farm managers are limited to two of each husbandry per farm.
Verbal Agreements
We strongly discourage verbal agreements in relation to in-game activities that include transactions of any kind. FSG Realism staff will not enforce verbal agreements.
Written Agreements
We suggest that if you are going to create an agreement with another player to document the agreement within our FSG Realism forum on discord. Do not use DMs. Create a new forum thread for the agreement in the FSG Realism forum. We are planning to create a system online for custom contracts, but that is a future feature.
Server Moves
Farm Managers have the option to move servers if they like at no cost as long as they have owned their current farm for a minimum of Five in-game years. If less than 5 years, the player will be required to pay one million dollars per year difference. For example if a player wants to move after only two years, then they will be required to pay three million dollars to move. They will be required to liquidate their owned placesables, land, etc. In-game money to be transferred to the website bank. Vehicles can be transferred manually by staff to the new server. (Future feature will allow vehicles to be transferred to storage on the website) Once a move is complete the counter for move limit will start over. You will be able to transfer money and vehicles into your new farm.
Super Strength
Farm Managers have the permission to turn super strength on and off when needed to fix a flipped vehicle or something that they can not fix without it. Farm Managers are to turn it on, do the fix, and turn it back off. It should never get left on. Using it to move pallets or any other objects around such as loading or unloading a trailer is not allowed.

Updated 7/25/2023 - FSG Rules and FSG Realism Rules and Regulations are subject to change at any time without notice.