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Welcome to FSG Realism

Welcome to the FSG Realism Website. This website is for our FSG Realism players. If you would like to join the fun, visit our discord for more information. Join our Discord

What is FSG Realism?

FSG Realism is a community of Farming Simulator 22 multiplayer servers that can communicate between each other and this website to allow some amazing features.

How do I join?

Easy, Read our Rules then Login and Apply. We have an easy application process to get you in the game as quick as possible.

Farm Hand

Just want to help other players out and make a little extra money before becoming a farm manager? You can help farm managers out or take on contracts for any of the FSG Realism servers to make extra cash.

Farm Manager

Want to own your own farm and build your farming empire? As a farm manager you can start out on one of our many servers and build your farming empire. The website has a detailed farm section that will display your in game finances, equipment, animals, productions, storage, and crop calendar.

FSG Bank

FSG Bank is an online virtual banking system that allows players to transfer money from in game to their website account. They can then use that money to send to other players, back to their farm, or spend within the website world.

Instant Money Transfers

Transfer money between your in game farm to your FSG Bank account online within seconds. Transfers normally take less than 10 seconds to complete.

Discord and In Game Chat Sync

Chat with your fellow players on your server via in game chat and the server's discord chat channel. Copies of messages are sent between the two with little delay.

Auto Farm Manager

Once you become a farm manger for your farm or any other farm, anytime you join that farm, you will get Farm Manager assigned back automatically. This gives you the freedom to easily join a friends farm and help them out and not have to wait for an admin to give you your perms back later.

Future Features

We have a ton of features planned and will be integrated slowly. Some of these features include the following:
- Vehicle Storage and Rental.
- Land and Vehicle Auctions.
- Game notifications.
- Much more...